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Environmental Management / Environmental Policy


Vegoor recognizes that its lab, administrative and field activities can lead to environmental interference. Our goal is to seek continuous improvement of actions aimed at the environment through programs and projects aimed at environmental quality improvement. We believe that by respecting the environment, we will be watching over the planet's future and also helping generations to come.

To comply with this policy, Vegoor is based on the philosophy of sustainable development and is committed to:

  • Meet the current environmental legislation in force and other requirements subscribed by the organization;

  • Promote continuous improvement in the environment by ensuring a structured management system that controls and evaluates activities, products and services, as well as establishes and reviews its environmental objectives and targets;

  • Ensure transparency in the company's activities and actions, providing to interested parties information about Vegoor's performance in the environment;

  • Adopt a set of practices to prevent pollution, reduce waste, reuse and recycle during its processes and services;

  • Monitor and evaluate the environmental performance of its processes and services;

  • Promote the awareness and involvement of its employees, so that they have a responsible and correct attitude towards the environment. 

Take a look at our complete Environmental Policy

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